Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Last week the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that will have profound impact not only on the church and believers in our country, but around the world. My initial response was anger at how brazen the enemy is, but as I prayed and studied for this lesson our Father in heaven showed me that He is not surprised at any of these developments, that He is still on the throne of heaven and that He is at work in a powerful way in this world to bring His purposes.

This week’s lesson focuses on how we should respond, not specifically to the ruling, but to what is going to happen as a result of this ruling. We need to be prepared! Will we respond to the world with Fear or Faith? It is more important than ever that we stand fast in the Lord as the enemy takes aim at the Church and tries to discredit the witness of God’s people.

Be blessed as you study this lesson and teach it to others!

Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

In His Love,
Bro. Dan